Land of setting sun

Land of setting sun

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Tobar-na-suil (the well of the eye) is situated south of Ardinamir (NM 755 119) and is midway between the two forts (NM71SE1 and 2). It is a mere hollow in a stone into which there is no opening. Local tradition has it as never being dry and the water is said to be effective in curing eye diseases. When Macadam (1896) visited it, he cleared out the water and the cavity was still dry after several hours. The water, on analysis proved similar to other surface waters of the locality and had no curative power. The hollow in the stone has the appearance of an eyeball and the name may have derived from this and the idea of its supposed curative properties may have followed.  
(NM 7533 1149) Tobar-na-suil (NAT)
OS 1:10,000 map, (1976)
W I Macadam 1896.

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