Land of setting sun

Land of setting sun

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Stone lined Bronze age buriel cist vandalised and robbed pre living memory. The grave sits at the side of a man made platform where there is evidance of dry stone retaining wall. It is documented that there is another within the area, at the moment the exact location unknown. (pending investigation)
The crumbled reamains of Kilmory chapel

The earliest monument in the burial-ground is a sandstone table-tomb commemorating Margaret MacLean, 'spouse to Allan McLean of Kilmory and daughter to Murdoch MacLean of Lochbuy by Mr (Mistress) Anne Campbell, (RCAHMS 1980) daughter to Hugh Campbell of Calder (Cawdor)', who died in 1741 aged 34. The MacLeans of Kilmory were themselves a cadet branch of the family of Lochbuie

The Gulf of Corryvreckan, 1772

The Gulph of Corivrechan August 9th 1772

The Gulph of Corivrechan 1775

The game house on Scarba.
The purpose of hanging game is to enable the fibres of the flesh to break
 down and decompose so that the meat will be more tender.

Cut stone steps.
Are these a 'Victorian Folly' or more ancient?.
They are cut into the bedrock.